"I'll just give you a new one"

That is what was said to me after about 30 seconds of me explaining why I was brining my 8 month old Magic Trackpad back in. It was that easy and the customer (me) was happy.

I purchased the Magic Trackpad back in July 2010 when they were released and from the get go, it was having weird issues where it would randomly get a mind of its own and start moving around erratically and even clicking on things. It finally reached a point where it closed windows that I was working in and I lost information. At that point I threw it aside and went back to a Magic Mouse.

Months later I came across it again and realized I had forgot to take it back. I figured they didn’t have any reason to help me with it now because it had been so long but since Apple has taken good care of me many times before I thought I would give it a shot.

I took it in its original box back to the Apple Store in Greenville, SC and explained my story. No half truths or trying to get around the fact I just waited a long time to bring it back. Sarah helped me out and gave me a new one. No questions asked. No stupid forms to fill out. The simplicity of her solution was great. “I’ll just give you a new one.” This is why I buy and recommend Apple products to others. Not just because their products are great, but because they care about their customers and making them happy.

By the way, the new Magic Trackpad works great. No issues at all.