How To Find Your iPhone/iPod Touch Serial Number

If you have ever contacted Apple for support on any of their products, you know the first question they are going to ask you is… “What is your serial number?”. The serial number is easy to find on most of their products because they allow you to access it through the software. This is typically a much better alternative to turning the device off to flip it over, remove the battery and squint to read the long string of letters and number in a size 4 font.

The only problem is that each device OS has a different location to find this serial number. This article explains how to find the serial number in your iPhone device. It will also work for the iPhone 3G since they use the same operating system. And it should also work the same for the iPod Touch.

  1. From the main screen on your iPhone/iPod Touch, tap the “Settings” icon.
  2. On the Settings screen, tap the General section.
  3. Now tap the About section.
  4. Scroll down a ways and you will see an item for “Serial Number”. That’s it, read that off to the support person and you’ll be on your way.