Duplicating DVD's On Mac OSX

I found myself facing an interesting question today regarding DVD duplication on Mac OSX (I’m using Tiger). I have created many DVD’s using iDVD but I had yet to need to do this.

Is there an easy way to duplicate an existing DVD on Mac OSX?

The short answer is yes. The best part of this is that everything you need to be able to do this is built right into Mac OSX.

The first thing you need to do is put the DVD you wish to duplicate into your drive. It will probably try to open and play the DVD so make sure you exit out of the DVD Player application.

Create A Local Image Of The DVD

Open up the Disk Utility application. This can be found in your Applications/Utilties folder.

When this first opens, you’ll see the DVD drive list on the left side. Select the appropriate DVD drive for the source list and click the “New Image” button.

Enter the file name for the image and select the location you want to save it to. For the settings, select the follow:

  • Image Format: DVD/CD master
  • Encryption: none

Click the Save button and it will create an image of the DVD on your local hard drive.

Burn The DVD Image

Now that you have an image of the DVD on your hard drive, you can create as many copies of this disc as you need.

You should see the disc image file (.cdr) listed on the left side of the Disk Utility application. Select the image you would like to burn and click the “Burn” button.

Insert a blank DVD disk into the drive and click the “Burn” button.